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  • Bi-colored Harley Davidson Roller Chain

    Q - In the late 1940s, Harley Davidson made a lightweight 2 stroke motorcycle that used Diamond #35 chain in the front and #40 in the rear. What was the last year that Diamond Chain manufactured this bi-color (blue inner links and gray outer plates) #40 roller chain? A - Diamond Chain discontinu...Read More
  • Diamond Chain Link Plate Markings

    Q - How does Diamond Chain mark the links on their products? I want to make sure I’m getting the real “McCoy” and not an inferior chain. A – Diamond Chain uses three distinct product marks to differentiate between its Diamond, Infinity, and Sapphire product series. Diamond ...Read More
  • Storing Roller Chain

    Q - Is there a proper way to store roller chain when it’s not being used? We use ANSI 50 and 60 roller chain on a fertilizer roller for about three weeks out of the year. We’ve been removing the chain and storing it in diesel fuel, but the links are starting to get stiff. A – Whe...Read More
  • Sprockets for Double Pitch Chain

    Q - Does double pitch roller chain require different sprockets? A – The answer depends on the sprocket. For sprockets with 30 or more teeth, the answer is no. For sprockets with less than 30 teeth, a sprocket designed for double pitch chain is necessary. We do recommend that a sprocke...Read More
  • Sprockets for Heavy Series Chain

    Q - Does heavy series chain require different sprockets? A – While single-strand heavy series roller chain does not require different sprockets, multi-strand heavy series chain does as the thicker plates make the width between the strands of chain wider. This means that the centerline of th...Read More
  • Lubricating Maintenance-Free Chain

    Q – Should Duralube series chain be lubricated after it is installed? A – Although Duralube is Diamond’s maintenance-free roller chain, anytime you have the opportunity, or ability, to lubricate roller chain, you should. Additional lubrication is beneficial and can significantly e...Read More
  • How Much Lube is Too Much Lube

    Q –Diamond chains sometimes seem like they are over-lubed compared to other chain manufacturers. Why is that? A - Diamond Chain is always working to maximize roller chain service life. We know from both our history and our product tests that proper lubrication is vital. The challenge is t...Read More
  • Understanding Part Numbers

    Q – What are the differences between 50, 50 1R, and 50 2R roller chain? A – The “50” in the part number refers to ANSI size 50 roller chain. The “R” refers to riveted chain construction. Riveted chains use a side mash on the pins to hold the link plates in place in...Read More
  • Oval Contour Versus Standard Chain

    Q – What is oval contour chain and how is it different from “standard” ANSI chain? A – Diamond’s oval contour roller chains feature a different link plate from Diamond’s standard ANSI series chain. Unlike Diamond’s standard figure eight style link plate, the ov...Read More
  • Holding Up to Industrial Cleaning

    Q – Our operation requires a daily cleaning that includes bleach, alcohol, and water. What type of chain would you suggest for this type of operating environment? A – For this application, we recommend using Diamond's AP series stainless steel chain. The AP series uses austenitic stai...Read More
  • Do I need to lubricate maintenance free chain

    Q - Why does Diamond's maintenance free Duralube chain ship with additional external lubricant? A - Although Duralube's sintered bushing and rollers have lubricant drawn in under vacuum, the additional external lubricant applied prior to shipping provides additional protection for the roller chai...Read More
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ASME / ANSI Roller Chain

Diamond Series

Diamond Chain's extensive ASME / ANSI product assortment provides industry leading wear life and is available in a variety of base materials, finishes, and lubrications.

Attachement Roller Chain

Duralube LIVE

Diamond Chain's maintenance-free product portfolio is expanding with the introduction of a new Duralube(R) series - Duralube LIVE, now available with both food grade, and standard grade lubrications.

Oil and Gas Chain

Sapphire Series

Includes ANSI 25 through 160 and ISO 05B through 048B single and multi-strand, and select maintenance-free, and attachment solutions.