Board Sander Case Study

Board Sander Case Study


A sustainable forest product manufacturer was experiencing short wear life on its board sanding machines. Due to the nature of the application, the board sander subjects the chain to high amounts of dust which was getting trapped in the roller/bushing joints. Additionally, regular lubrication was not an option, furthering the effects of the dust and debris. Two chains per sanding line were failing after just eight weeks of use.


To solve the issue, Diamond Chain recommended its O-Ring chain. O-Ring chain is one of Diamond’s reduced maintenance product offerings and is constructed with polymer o-rings that seal a specially formulated lubricant into every joint while sealing out contaminants such as dirt and moisture, thus extending the life of the chain. While regular lubrication of the pin/bushing joint is not required with the Diamond O-Ring chain, the use of supplemental lubrication on the o-ring can extend the life of the chain even further.


After replacing the chains on the board sander with Diamond Series O-Ring chain, the replacement frequency increased from eight weeks to 12 weeks. This life increase saved the company $41,230 after one year, and $206,160 after five years.

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