Can Manufacturing Case Study

Can Manufacturing Case Study


Due to the inability to lubricate, a top can manufacturing company was experiencing extremely limited wear life on its crimping machine. The chain needed to be replaced every six weeks, costing around $30,000 for every downtime instance. When a chain does not have access to regular lubrication it causes excessive stress on the pin and bushing joint, significantly decreasing the expected wear life.


To solve the issue, Diamond Chain recommended its premier O-Ring chain. O-Ring chains are constructed with polymer o-rings at each pin end to seal in initial lubrication and keep contaminants out. O-Ring chains are ideal for applications that don’t allow frequent lubrication or re-lubrication, and for applications that involve a lot of dust, dirt, sand, or other immobilizing debris. In this instance, since the can manufacturer is unable to re-lubricate its chain at all, the O-Ring chain provides the ability for the chain to keep its initial lubrication for an extended period of time. O-Ring chain wear life can be extended further by lubricating the chain on a regular basis with any standard lubrication system.


After the can manufacturing company switched to Diamond Chain’s O-Ring chain, the wear life was up from 6 weeks to 31 weeks. They saw a savings of $222,544 after one year, and will see a savings of $1,112,723 after five years.

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