Ice Cream Freezer Conveyor Case Study

Ice Cream Freezer Conveyor Case Study


A premium U.S. ice cream producer was experiencing problems on one of its ice cream freezer conveyor lines. The line in question uses tandem chains to transport packaged and shrink wrapped cases of frozen ice cream into a freezer for short term storage before shipment. Due to the nature of the product, the ice cream producer was unable to lubricate this line causing uneven wear and elongation on the tandem chains.


To solve the issue, Diamond recommended its food grade Duralube LIVE chain. Duralube LIVE is a reduced maintenance chain designed specifically for moderate speeds and clean environments. Lubricant is impregnated into a powdered metal bushing and is released during service providing supplemental lubrication to the pin/bushing joint. Food grade Duralube LIVE chains are ACE (Anti-Corrosion Exterior) coated and include a food-grade lubricant rated for incidental contact.


Factoring in downtime and replacement costs, the switch to Diamond Duralube LIVE food grade chains saved the ice cream producer $24,800 after one year, and is estimated to see $157,700 in savings over five years.

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