Injector Chain Kit Case Study

Injector Chain Kit Case Study


A leading oilfield service company was experiencing premature chain wear on a variety of its coil tube injectors. However, while the chain was wearing too quickly, the rest of the coil tube injector kit was still suitable for use. The existing supplier was only able to provide full replacement kits – including both the chain and the coil tube kit – which cost roughly 10x that of the individual chain. The customer wanted (1) a chain that would last longer than the current chain, and (2) be able to purchase the chain only (and not the kit) should it require replacement.


As a solution, Diamond Chain recommended its Standard Series, API certified oilfield chain Injector kit. With the strict standards of the Diamond Difference, Diamond’s Standard Series chains are an industry leader. From materials to post-assembly, the Diamond Difference ensures a high quality, long lasting product.

Materials – High quality steel with minimal impurities offers increased tensile and fatigue strength.

Fabrication – Exacting dimensional standards offer optimal performance by ensuring components fit together as precisely as possible.

Heat Treatment – Strict atmosphere and quench control optimizes material properties to increase strength, durability, an d wear resistance.

Shot Peening – Consistent shot peen intensity and coverage adds a layer of compressive stress that helps components resist fatigue failure when exposed to repeated high loads.

Lubrication – Proprietary lubrication enhances corrosion protection and lessens the effects of friction to increase chain life.

Preloading – Pre-stressing the finished product reduces initial “stretching”to extend chain wear life.


The switch to Diamond Chain increased service life by 30%, from 2 MM linear feet, to 2.6 MM linear feet. Additionally Diamond Chain was able to provide replacement chains without requiring a kit purchase. Factoring in both downtime and the cost of the replacement chain and kits, after the switch to Diamond Chain this company saw a savings of $73,200 over one year, and is projected to see a savings of $366,000 over five years.

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